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This is the song I was looking for.  This is Ponderous by 2nu.  I remember hearing this song late at night in the back seat of my parent’s black suburban as we traveled to some ski destination in either New Mexico or Colorado.  It took me forever to find it again.  All I remembered was, “A girl who spoke with her eyes and said, ‘Can you see what I’m saying.’”  I had to wait till the internet progressed enough for that information to lead me to a youtube post.  

I’ve posted this before and I’m posting it again because people need to know it exists.

This is not the song I was looking for, but it is highly worthwhile.  I kind of wish I had payed more attention to it in the 90’s, but at least I can pay more attention now.  This reminds me of some of Timothy Leary’s spoken word stuff.

This week Jeremy Talamantes joins Rory and Jay to make the funnies on the podcast.  This show is sure not to be safe for work or really any environment.  
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THIS. 100 times, this.

Yes please

Dude, this is so well said.

A perfect description.

why isn’t this a thing yet?

"I want to go to Cahones during my lunch break at work and when I come back and tell the other women in the office where I went they chickle slightly and the men around us suddenly feel self conscious and they don’t know why."

The opposite situation that they’re alluding to happened recently and it made me feel sick and unsafe in my office amongst my coworkers. It’s a real thing and it’s not okay.

This would never work for the same reason there are no straight male prostitutes. Why pay extra for something any man will gladly give you for free?

Useless fashion accessories.

Useless fashion accessories.

Jimmy Cliff is the same age as Ozzy Osbourne, but more spry, energetic, and healthy proving there really are good drugs and bad drugs.

On this NSFW podcast Joe Gorman and Zack Chapaloni join me for hilarious hijinks of the highest order.  Of course Sweet Gail calls in to add to the madness.  This is a great episode any fan of laughter is sure to enjoy.  So have a listen and get your mind and spirit lifted by Not Safe For Work radio.

Saw this on my dash, went to click the like heart, and it was already red.  Happy Caturday!

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Via Busy Making Something From Nothing

This week on Not Safe For Work, Comedian and host of Portals Tavern open-mic, Justin Alan, joins Rory and Jay to say things people shouldn’t say especially when they are being recorded.  Hear the news they don’t want you to know.

Listen live or listen to the recorded podcast at your leisure!


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recalled pencils from a 90’s anti drug campaign

Ahh, so this is my problem.

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Scooting around with small amounts of precious powders is fun.

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Already lost two followers because of that last post.  I guess they are against equality.

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